Cremation FAQ

Unlike many funeral homes that contract with an off-site, third party cremation provider, we are the only funeral service provider in Sidney to have our own crematory located on-site at our facility. Your loved one will never leave our care, assuring you the highest level of respect and care.

What is cremation?  
Cremation is the process of using intense heat and flame to reduce the body to bone fragments and ashes.

Is a body embalmed before cremation? 
Embalming is not required for the cremation process. However, embalming would be needed if you select a type of funeral service that will include a public viewing.

How long does cremation take?  
Cremation of an average-sized adult takes two to three hours, depending on an individual’s weight.

After the process, what are the the “cremains” like?
The cremated remains (also called “cremains”) look like whitish to light gray coarse sand. The cremains of an average-size adult weigh between four and eight pounds.

What happens to the “cremains”?
We will assist you in making choices and selecting the appropriate container depending upon your wishes. The cremains will be returned to the family in the container you choose. Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home & Crematory has a large selection of urns to choose from.

What can I do with the cremains?
There are several options for the disposition of cremains. They may be buried in a cemetery plot or placed in a columbarium, which is a specially built structure that can hold the urns of many people. The cremains may be kept at home or you may want to scatter them on private property or anywhere you choose as long as it is in accordance with state and local laws for the area.

Can I still have a visitation and funeral service if I chose cremation?
Absolutely. Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home & Crematory has several Cremation Plans available with a wide variety of options. Any one of them can be customized for you. A funeral service followed by cremation need be no different than a funeral service followed by ground burial.

Who will be performing the Cremation?
At Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home & Crematory, the Cremation process will be handled by our licensed staff of five licensed Funeral Directors, who are all certified. We never hire temporary help to even assist in such delicate matters. Be assured, there will always be a certified licensed Funeral Director performing the Cremation process.

Can I visit and inspect the Crematory?
We have had numerous inquiries about the operation of the Crematory and requests for tours. We would be pleased to take you on a private tour and provide you with additional information, all at no obligation. Please call ahead as we can only conduct tours by appointment to assure someone is available to assist you.

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